Our safety and pharma-covigilance experts ensure that a patient’s safety is paramount.


Pharma’s emphasis on employing strict safety reporting guidelines from the design stage of a trial ensures the quality and efficiency of our services and the safety of patients who participate in our trials.

Our safety and pharmacovigilance experts ensure that a patient’s safety is paramount. Critical to the success of any clinical trial is the early identification and management of adverse events.

Pharsh Pharma has a dedicated safety group employed at all stages of a trial to identify and coordinate the management of adverse events.

Our experienced safety and pharmacovigilance team provides:

  • Full safety service requirements including safety database
  • Tailored solutions for commercial and academic research across all phases
  • A thorough understanding of safety reporting requirements across trial countries


We give first thought to the needs of patients in Sub-Sahara Africa and committed to efforts to train and improve the capacity of all stakeholders to properly conduct clinical trials.

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