Our medical monitors provide rigorous medical oversight from design to delivery.


Pharsh Pharma’s medical monitors come from diverse therapeutic backgrounds and have the clinical and research expertise required to provide rigorous medical oversight of clinical trials. According to the needs of the trial, our medical monitors can provide a number of services, such as:

  • Providing input into the study protocol, informed consent forms, project risk assessment
  • Training investigational sites and study teams
  • Supporting investigational sites with queries around eligibility, safety etc.
  • Reviewing SAEs, coding of SAEs and writing safety narratives
  • Reviewing patient data to identify trends and risks across the study

Pharsh Pharma’s medical monitors are regionally located to provide complete coverage for investigatory sites in various time zones. Pharsh Pharma’s medical monitors provide rigorous medical oversight from design throughout delivery.

We give first thought to the needs of patients in Sub-Sahara Africa and committed to efforts to train and improve the capacity of all stakeholders to properly conduct clinical trials.

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